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20 SEO Tricks for the New Website

February 15, 2010

If you’re a business, you need to have a website and for that SEO optimization is key, but just putting a website on the web isn’t enough, you’ll have to get it to pop up in searches, and build some buzz around it. In short so the googles and bings of this world will list [...]

Startup Saturdays: CFI Partners

February 13, 2010

This Saturday we would like to introduce you to CFI Partners, a crowd financing platform recently started by a couple of IMD MBA’s. What we find specifically interesting in CFI is their alternative approach to financing startups, it’s new, novel, and it’s taking a risk, it’s what we believe any startup should be, so without [...]

Guide to Writing a Business Plan

February 4, 2010

BY F3FUNDIT If you haven’t taken a MBA class on Entrepreneurship, chances are you won’t know where to start, and with the hundreds of pages out there telling you that you can get a sample business plan for your business for only 39.95 that may or may not be good we figured we’d save you the [...]

Video Series: Entrepreneurial Leadership

February 3, 2010

BY F3FUNDIT “As entrepreneurs we strive to make the world a better place, we drive innovation, and we lead, though sometimes we haven’t a clue as to where we’re going” so said the entrepreneur. Today’s video series is about leadership, and how it affects the world, it’s more a think piece than anything else, and we hope [...]

Two tests to see if your business model works. Telling a good story and adding up the numbers.

February 2, 2010

In 2002, Joan Magretta published a very interesting article in the Harvard Business Review titled “Why Business Models Matter”, this was right after the internet bubble burst and your everyday investor was keen to stay away from anything and everything that could in any such way be associated with the dot com boom, the term [...]

Getting Funded: Alternative Financing Methods

February 1, 2010

BY F3FINDIT Let’s face it, getting money to finance your business is no easy task, and especially so when you’re talking about recessions where people’s pockets are harder and harder to get into, but say you’ve got a good idea for a business that in any other economy would work, but it just cant provide the [...]

Startup Saturdays Series: One Day – One Startup

January 30, 2010

BY F3FUNDIT One thing about providing a good service to all our readers is to try and provide it on an almost continuous basis, and while we do talk about starups, entrepreneurship, best practices, capital and a whole array of other topics relating to new and small enterprises – we figured, if most entrepreneurs are working [...]

Is my time worth it? Pre-Money Valuation and the Burger King Opportunity Cost

January 29, 2010

BY JACEK GREBSKI You have to be thinking to yourself, what on earth does Burger King have to do with startups. Well, a few months back I was talking with a colleague regarding startups, projects, and someone wanting to buy a portal we had developed for a small sum, and the concept of the burger king [...]

Europe’s Top 10 Entrepreneurially Friendly Cities

January 26, 2010

BY F3FUNDIT ECER along with Banque Populaire have released a list of the top European cities to start conducting a business in. The study itself is based on a dual measure of the importance and satisfaction expressed by entrepreneurs regarding the range of territorial provision available to them and looks at both the importance of the [...]