Consumer internet is still the hottest swiftly followed by clean tech and energy

July 26th, 201012:11 pm @ Will


Consumer internet is still the hottest US VC investment category, swiftly followed by clean tech and energy

The sector was voted the hottest growth area in the industry with 73.5% of those VCs polled backing it. Cleantech and energy is the second hottest growth area in the venture capital industry, according to more than half of (53.1 per cent) venture capital executives, third place goes to Internet Marketing with 40.8%.

Perhaps the question for those hunting more innovative products and business models at better valuations is whether they should be following this trend? Although it is a positive sign for early stage growth companies whose investors are looking to exit in upcoming fundraising rounds.

Overall, the annual study’s results indicate optimism in the venture capital scene compared to previous years. Over half, 56 per cent, of US venture capital executives are more confident and optimistic about the industry today, compared to a year ago when an overwhelming number of executives felt the industry was ‘broken’.

The survey found executives to be split down the middle when it comes to which geographical region currently represents the area of hottest investment opportunities, with 42 per cent indicating the east coast, namely Boston and New York, and 42 per cent Silicon Valley.

Seventy-one per cent of respondents are not worried about new deals and 72.9 per cent indicate they expect to see a steady deal-flow over the next six months.

When asked to identify which functional trends they were most concerned about, 62 per cent of the executives indicated they were very worried about the uncertain return of exit markets.

The survey also asked how the tax legislation on carried interest will impact the venture business and 46 per cent indicated it will have a major negative impact, while 16 per cent believe a ‘work around’ will be found.

This (second) annual VC survey was undertaken by Polachi Inc, a provider of Access Executive Search, canvassing VC executives across the US of which more than 98% are partners or managing partners.