Five tips for dealing with launch jitters

April 19th, 20105:36 am @ Jacek Grebski


Months of hard work, sleepless nights, sweat, stress, and who knows what else have all culminated into one day, the day that you bring our product to market and see what the average Joe thinks of it.

Stressful indeed, but there are ways to cope with it.

1. First and foremost it’s done. You’ve done what hopefully you can do and you did your best. So pat yourself on the back, getting anything to market is typically not an easy feat and you should be proud of yourself.

2. Know that problems will arise, the nature of man is to err and nothing that launches will be without error. As such be sure to have a plan designed to deal with those errors, be they service oriented, website oriented, or even a physical product. Remember that the customer is the most valued piece of the chain and that providing them with the best post-launch service will likely make any minor errors or bugs that you experience irrelevant if their concerns are met with a fair and decent response.

3. Examine and assess your launch strategy. If you’ve released a product and it’s failing to sell, seek out the root of that problem. Perhaps it is your marketing strategy that isn’t doing its job; perhaps your distribution network is not targeting the right customer. Analyze, assess and augment your action plan.

4. After launching your product you may a bit ambiguous as the focus of your role is inevitably going to shift now towards more marketing and sales oriented activities as opposed to internal development and overall more theoretical strategic formulation. And while it’s important not to lose hindsight of your overall company strategy, prepare for your workday to look a bit different than it did before.

5. Don’t panic. Keeping a cool head about you is pivotal not only to your well being but also to the product and your company. Of course you’re worried that things won’t go as planned, but even so, your employees, partners, mentors, investors, etc… need to see that you’re composed and analytical. You are the face of the company and the product and turning hysterical will help no one through this stressful process.

In any case, well done, and why not round the launch out with a launch party, if you’re a small startup remember, it doesn’t have to be something akin to New York Fashion week, but inviting your investors, friends, co-workers, mentors, supporters and a bit of press to a chic lounge in order to celebrate your hard work can help add some wood to the PR fire.