Despite the mental toll, cabin feverishness, and all the other problems that come with the Quarantine, the Pandemic has presented a unique opportunity to skill up and start your own business. While many of us are stuck at home with nothing to do except watch TV, read books, or vegetate, think of this as an opportunity to start a new business and secure some income for yourself and the future. Here are 5 Ideas to Help You Start a Business in the COVID Quarantine.

First thing’s first: Skill up.

Many of you have been meaning to start a business. Let this social isolation be the sign to get up and start going. Use this time to get your licensing, insurance, and research done so by the time all of this chaos is over you can hit the ground running with your new enterprise.

Read books with a focus on the skills you’re missing.

If you don’t know how to get into a certain industry, read a book. If you’re worried about you marketing abilities, read a book. We all have books that are laying around. What better time to get the mental gears turning than a mandatory start at home. Pick up that book and start learning.

Learn to code

These courses can be completed in 15-20 hours, and will get you on your way to coding. Why pay a guy to make a $5,000, $20,000, 100,000 website for you when you can do it yourself. As a worst case scenario you’ll get a better understanding of technology, how if functions, and can speak to it better. Try to write a program that solves a real problem for you. You can even turn that into a business.

See where there’s a need

There’s a saying that “a great recession is a terrible thing to waste” and that holds true now as much as ever. Hardship always leads to opportunity and innovation, use this time to see where people need help during the pandemic, and identify if that same need will be around after the pandemic. You’ll be able to build a business that not only helps people today, but one that thrives once this all ends. This article has some really good ideas on what sectors will have opportunities now and in the future.

Talk to friends, family and co-workers about what they need

Sometimes opportunities are in front of us and we don’t even know it. Go talk to your friends, co workers, families. Ask them what they’re dealing with now. What they could use to make their lives better. Make a list, and then choose one idea and build around it. Set up a website, and then start sending it around. Collect email addresses, get a sense of product-market fit.

Most importantly, be like Nike. Just do it.

Action is better than no action. People so often get caught up in analysis paralysis, overthinking if something is a good idea, or worrying that things wont work out. At the end of the day, the only way you will know is if you stop planning and start doing. By getting your hands dirty with the day to day of running your own business you’ll get better, be better at it and increase you change at success.

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