You don’t feel effective or efficient, the doldrums got you down again, and you feel lost, bewildered, or simply think you’re not doing as well as you can. It’s natural, maybe you’re not going to the right meetings or are just starting to feel a little burned out. It happens, so here’s five tips, to making oneself more effective.

5. When you feel like you’re not going in the right direction, its common to help “reorganize” everything in order to see what’s missing, where you can be more effective, but reorganization takes time, and while it’s good to be organized to a degree don’t over-organize, at the end, it’s a big waste of time, and you wont see any benefit from it. In fact keeping over-organized will just suck up time you could be allocating to something more productive.

4. Use your time efficiently – i.e.

  1. Do things only once -One of the things our brain does is re-remember things that haven’t been done yet and have/could/should be done. This is a waste of time.
  2. Do things smarter -Almost every single task has been done by someone countless times before. A lot of people are looking to do things easier, faster and better in less time.
  3. Automate things – Use software to do menial tasks. Someone’s probably already thought of a way to make _insert boring task_ easier.
  4. Outsource things – Not good at web design, outsource it, not good at payroll or don’t have time, outsource it.

3. In your office draw up large schematics, sales targets, development targets, ideas, progress schematics, etc… etc… etc… on a large piece of paper, then hang them around your teams work space. You’ll see that those daily reminders will keep you moving forward and keep on reminding you of what needs to be done on the larger scale.

2. Keep a notebook. Splurge on a bound notebook, and carry it around with you everywhere you go, jot down ideas, concepts, people to call, soon you’ll be referencing it back, and trust us, no iPad, Laptop, or SmartPhone will be able to match a few pieces of paper and a pen.

1. Don’t Break the Chain – Sinefeld used it and touts it as a great motivation technique. Basically you tick off days where you’ve involved yourself in an activity. It’s not only great for keeping up with work, but for any activity such as exercise or even quitting smoking. As a concept it seems simplistic at best, but give it a go for a month, you’ll be hooked and feel super good about the level of stuff you’re getting done.

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