In case any of you who use this material as a reference and followed my progress from start to finish at ESADE, here’s an update a bit over a year and a half later.

Needless to say 2008 was no picnic but in the end I believe it was beneficial to the world as well as everyone else and at the end of it all things should normalize. At the same time I’m willing to wager that the “forced” innovation that will occur from this recession will bring us benefits for a long time. What is this “forced innovation”? Entrepreneurship out of need due to no jobs / lowered income prospects etc…

Anyways, since graduating, I’ve started my own early stage consulting company, Plain White Paper, Ltd., and while the idea behind it wasn’t first to go into consulting it somewhat just wound up that way, and it’s quite exciting.

We’ve so far launched (a blog and community on open innovation & entrepreneurship), and the “Next Top Startup” Global Entrepreneurship competiton, which is about all we’ll be able to handle with our current structure. At the same time we’re working on two digital media stealth concepts that – should we get the funding ought to “fingers crossed here” stir a few things up in the digital space. We’ve worked with a few cool companies, and have even had an indirect impact on a private social network.

If you’re looking for Entrepreneurship Advice, head over to f3f, and if you’ve got a good story to tell about your travels, we’d love to read it at PT.

That said, will update you guys with any major future changes to my post MBA life, but that’s it so far.

Cheers, and hope this stuff is helpful.
– J

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