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Sharing your thoughts, experiences, and hard-earned problem-solving techniques helps build a stronger entrepreneurial community, and that’s what we’re doing here. Contributing, is also a great way to strengthen your brand and status in your field, and join a select group of people making the community better. To get started with contributing to f3fundit, please fill out the typeform application below. Thank you for becoming a part of!

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What we look for in content: 

Advice: We were all green at one point, and learned from the ideas and information that others created before us. Write things that people can use. Content from the blog is citied in university classrooms, and that’s the ideal that we would like everyone to strive to, but we’ll also accept, well thought out, numbered lists. 

Quality content: Different positions and ways of thinking about business problems are even better received, as are industry analysis. We’re also happy to accept content that covers the following topics: Current hot news, takeaways from conferences, interviews with well know folks, trend pieces, how to’s, and advice pieces with three to 10 (or more) solid tips are well recieved by us. 

Distinctive message: Be bold and write something that matters. The “18 movies that all entrepreneurs need to watch” may get the clicks, but it won’t provide anyone with substance. 

Length: Pieces over 1500 words do best in search, but any article of 700 words and up is acceptable. 

Originality: We will only accept original copy and plagiarism will result in removal from the platform.

List your sources: Studies, quotes, data, etc… provide references with your articles and links to those sources. 

No paid links or mentions: Any editorial coverage given in exchange for compensation of any kind will result in deactivation from our site.

Photos: Don’t put in photos.

Inclusion: Diversity makes the world better; let’s highlight it. 

Proofread and spell-check your pieces: Spell check and grammar check before submitting – it’s a golden rule. If it’s in bad shape, we’ll reject it.  

Factual accuracy: Check the spelling of individuals and company names. Make sure to confirm facts with several sources.

An absence of formatting: This means no bolded text, no italics (except for publication titles), no all-caps words, etc. We’ll have to erase all your formatting and do it again in our style. 

Lead time: Please expect up to 2 weeks before your story gets published. Please keep this in mind if you are writing about timely topics like holiday seasons.


Editorial judgment

We reserve the right to edit all content submitted for publication, including grammar, formatting, headlines, and length.

We reserve the right to reject content for any reason.

We reserve the right to remove any links or content we consider offensive, harmful, or overly promotional. Any violation of our policies can result in the removal of content or expulsion from the platform at f3fundit’s discretion. 

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