VIDEO Series: Pioneering Social Change


How do you change the world? Through Entrepreneurship

Oftentimes when we think of entrepreneurship we think only of what’s coming out of Silicon Valley, we look at the new Spotify, or another product that pushes the boundaries of technology. However, innovation is not only applicable to the web, or technology but to anything, it’s after all taking something and making it better.

That’s why in this video series, we’re looking at social entrepreneurship, a movement within the Entreprenruship community that focuses on social change and making this world a better place.

The video we’re about to put up is by the Skoll Foundation, and talks about Muhammad Yunus who founded the Grameen Bank and in 2006 won the Nobel peace prize, as well as other social entrepreneurs who are tackling education, health care, clean water, the environment.

As entrepreneurs we’re here to make the world a better place, and no other area needs as much innovation as social causes.

Video Series: Are you ready for the future?


We are currently living in some of the if not the most exciting times of humanity. In comparison with previous decades wars are fewer, globalization is increasing communication among all off us us irrelevant of where we are living. Technology is encroaching into, or has already encroached into every tiny little aspect of our lives, sometimes we forget about it, it’s natural we’re living, but for many of us in our 30’s and older, welcome to the future. Did you imagine that we’d have iPhones, Blackberrys, eBook Readers etc… by 2010? I for one always thought we’d have hover boards by now, but aside from my disappointment, it seems that Back to the Future II wasn’t factually accurate.

This video shows how the world is changing and where we’re heading, and how technology is changing the face of our planet.

The More you know 4.0 by Xplane

What do you think? Let us know.

Video Series: Entrepreneurial Leadership


As entrepreneurs we strive to make the world a better place, we drive innovation, and we lead, though sometimes we haven’t a clue as to where we’re going” so said the entrepreneur.

Today’s video series is about leadership, and how it affects the world, it’s more a think piece than anything else, and we hope you’ll very much like it. We did, and it’s one of our favorite video series so far.

However, as much as we would like to take credit for such an absolutely amazing video we cannot, it comes from the good people at XPLANE a company that specializes in visual communication, and with clients such as the Economist, BASF, UNICEF, Vodafone, etc…, you know there’s something to them.

This video however, comes from a more academic background and was put together in collaboration with Nitin Nohria and Amanda Pepper of Harvard Business School’s Leadership Initiative in order to get people talking about leadership, and what is specifically interesting to us, and the wider entrepreneurship community out there is that the majority of leaders presented in the video were / are entreprenerus.

We as entrepreneurs work every day, to change and make the world a better place, we do this because we see possibilities, and because we love it and have an undying passion for it, and if you do it just for the money, I’ll tell you now, save your breath, you’ll fail. You have to enjoy it.

And with that ladies and gentlemen of the wider internets entrepreneurial and otherwise community, we at present you with Imagine Leadership


  • Am I a leader? And was I born this way or made? What are my strengths, weaknesses?
  • Does an entrepreneur have to be a leader, or a leader an entrepreneur?
  • What is the defining difference between a leader and a manager? After all managers can start companies can’t they?

We’d love to hear your thoughts?

VIDEO Series: Innovation Design Process and Teambuilding


This video series comes from the leader in innovation consulting & design, IDEO. And if you don’t know who IDEO is, it’s all the more reason for you to watch, not only to see these guys in acion, but learn the process behind innovation design and apply some of the best practices to your own products and services.

However, there is another lesson in these videos which is not only about the design process, it’s the mix of individuals that IDEO hires, you’ll see that they aren’t all “designers” by trade, but come from a wealth of backgrounds.

Why is this? Well, I suppose you’ll just have to watch, total run time is about 21 mins.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

VIDEO Series: Branson’s Keynote at the DMA


While we honestly don’t think that Sir Richard Branson needs any introduction, we think that this video does. It comes from the 2006 Direct Marketing Association’s Keynote speech, and while Direct Marketing may have its benefits and drawbacks, we feel that the video more than compensates for any feelings positive or negative towards the practice.

Among other things Branson discusses the transfer or core business concepts from his music company to an airline, Virgin Atlantic, and how mass media outlets, and researchers believed that an airline named Virgin would inevitable fail.

In all the video is long, about 25 minutes whole, but a joy to watch from start to finish.

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