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Dearest readers,

While we try to provide you with informative content on an ongoing basis regarding best practices on concept, strategy, entrepreneurship, and the like, that does not mean we know everything, nor have though of everything when it comes to the startup scene.

We are looking for individuals who hold a strong passion for entrepreneurship and business, to lend their knowledge in support of the greater community as a whole. This means you, the entrepreneurs, the startup specialists, the consultants, financiers, professors, angel investors, venture cap and private equity gurus. We would be honoured to have your contributions and your thoughts, industry analysis, best practices or anything you may this viable to the aid of entrepreneurs globally to be published here on – we’re not asking for ongoing editorial, we know that everyone is busy, but would none the less very much appreciate to read your thoughts and publish them.

As compensation for your time and knowledge we would be more than happy to include in your article a paragraph about yourself  as well as any additional information that you would like to convey.

After all, we all learn from the experience of others, and no industry magnate learned everything from books. So what better way give back and foster growth and innovation  than to take a moment to share that experience.

If interested – please e-mail us at

Kind Regards,

– Jacek Grebski | Editor in Chief

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