Because I always forget where I put these myself, but mostly for you, here are links for Open Street Map and Stamen Tiles for Carto in ZXY format.

As I always have to go looking for Stamen ZXY.png urls and had the hardest time finding Open Street Map tiles yesterday to use in Carto‘s Dashboard, so I figured I’d make them easily searchable in Google w/ this post. 

In any case, here they are. These, in addition to the standard faire tiles from Nokia, Google and Mapbox round out the CartoDB selection nicely. To import them just copy / pastry the full url path and plop it into the import field marked with a + in your CartoDB dashboard.

In the event I find any new  ZXY tiles, I’ll update this post and  if you know of any other base maps / tiles that I can include here, please leave a comment w/ a link. That is all.

OSM Base Maps


Stamen Maps{z}/{x}/{y}.jpg{z}/{x}/{y}.jpg{z}/{x}/{y}.jpg

What I also find particularly interesting about Stamen maps tiles is their commitment to aesthetics and design. The company definitely didn’t skimp on design, however, it’s arguable that the maps lost some functionality, but was this really their purpose?

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