And here they are, the 10 finalists vying for the title of “Next Top Startup”

When we started planning for Next Top Startup, we had in mind that the first installment of the event would span maybe two to three European countries, and that if we’d get any traction whatsoever from across a major body of water, it would be excellent and a successful achievement on it’s own.

We had no idea however, that the scale of this competition of ours would reach as far and as wide as it did – in the end, people from 14 countries are coming together to participate in this competition in both a mentor-ship scope and contestant capacity, and as of now we still haven’t reached out to the investment community.

By trying to challenge convention, and doing what we can not to become just another Y Combinator copy, we opened the contest up to all industries – and as such saw projects come in from across the board, some of the more interesting sectors applications that we received came from the following industries: Sports, Clean Tech, Aerospace, Cloud Computing, Social Enterprise, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, amongst many others.

There was one concurrent theme in all this  – technology – in one way shape or form it’s the decisive communal factor which is driving today’s entrepreneurs forward, and while we would have liked to invite all our applicants to participate, ten does seem to be about the right number, and with that we would like to announce the ten finalists to compete for the title of – wait for it – Next Top Startup.

In alphabetical order they are…

. FastTaxi – will be an interactive platform for taxi drivers and customers to get real time information through their smart-phones in order to find and order cabs within easy reach in urban centres.
. Foundation for Global Collaboration & Peace
– A serious non-profit concern that aims to build a virtual peace network that benefits the global community through the dissemination of universal human commonalities.
– The concept is built around a crowd-sourced Interactive Manager Review.
. INBLOON / Zero2Infinity
– is a start-up whose mission is to raise our planetary consciousness by offering near-space experiences.
. Lexpertia
– aims to commoditise the legal services profession by creating a database and online directory for lawyers based on specialty, operating as a legal advisory search platform for lawyer services.
Is an online resource collaboration tool for enterprise and project management.
. Touchland
– provides environmentally friendly disinfectant hand wash to the consumer via direct sales and 3rd party resellers that install their dispensers.
. WeCar
– is not a typical static loyalty card but an innovative smart channel of information, and user-business relations.
– A mobile platform for delegates, exhibitors, conference organizers and sponsors.
– enables people to easily access action sports through Internet by creating a one off marketplace to book activities online.

Good luck to all of them, and we’ll keep you posted as to the winner, and we ought to have some other treats in store for all our readers after the competition closes. Stay tuned!


And to get you as excited as we are about our contestants, we’re including those videos that we received from them. Enjoy f3fundit TV 🙂



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