Tips from the frontline – post launch reactions.

As a startup ourselves, we figured we may as well convey some of the things that we’ve been going through in these last few days since we’ve opened up the site to the community.

So far reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, we’ve gotten press coverage in the U.S., U.K, Ireland, Romania, Poland, and Spain, regarding next top startup, we’ve since seen out traffic skyrocket, and have identified a number of issues with the website (and are working on remedying them), implemented user functionality improvements for registered members and have seen traffic go through the roof, at least in comparison to previous days and for that matter weeks.

So all in all good, notwithstanding we’ve seen a few new registrants, and the event is definitely gaining traction. All in all we’d say good. And while we have you here, why not register on the site, and see what all the hoopla is about behind the scenes.

As for what the past few days looked like, here goes.

Sunday: 01:00, the site opens up – and anyone and everyone can register, we feel as if though an era has ended, the day to do day is no longer about design, strategy formulation, but about actually doing those things that we’ve laid out.

Monday: Final touches on the press release are going back and forth between us, around 10-11am it’s finalized, and so the distribution begins. The next few hours are spent what for openness we’ll just call PR spam. Sites in the US, UK, Ireland, Poland, and Romania pick up on us and the event, some tweet, others post blogs. Traffic goes through the roof and we’re very pleased.

Tuesday: Can’t speak for the rest of the team, but definitely a turbulent night. Woke up a few times, but upon waking up in the AM was greeted to a media inquiry from Read Write Web, quite cool. Traffic was still going through the roof, and then we got featured on StartupIsrael, and EnergyByte. Rest of the day spent strategizing, figuring out where the gaps are in our launch plan, what we can improve on, and what we can leave for the time being. We also had to move servers, too much traffic. 🙂

Wednesday: Highest traffic day to date, an inquiry from, and a response that we’re going on the site within the next few days, and can’t wait to see it. More work on the site, in terms of fixing bugs that popped up, and just reaching out to possible sponsors, and wrapping up mentors. Results – again – overall positive.

In all, it’s been a good week thus far for f3f and we’re excited about what the future will bring, we know this wasn’t the usual f3f article but what better way to celebrate the good news, than to share it with the community.

Thanks for reading and for those that did, thanks for signing up 🙂

– Jacek

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