Startup Saturdays Series: One Day – One Startup


One thing about providing a good service to all our readers is to try and provide it on an almost continuous basis, and while we do talk about starups, entrepreneurship, best practices, capital and a whole array of other topics relating to new and small enterprises – we figured, if most entrepreneurs are working six days a week, so should we, after all, we don’t want to be called hypocrites here at F3FundIt.

So we got to thinking, Saturday should be a time to at least wind down a bit, and what better way to wind down than to each Saturday feature a new promising startup. Now this being week zero of this feature series we figured we might as well give you a general guideline on what to send us in order to qualify for … wait for it….

Startup Saturdays…

Just send an e-mail to with the subject line “Startup Satuday Submission” or “S3” with the following information.

: Satrtup Name –
: Website –
: Industry –
: Where are you located? –
: What exactly do you do? In one sentence please. –
: How did you come up with the idea? –
: What stage of the startup process are you currently in? –
: Any milestones we should tell the world about?
: How about your team? Who are they? –
: Any fears, phobias, anxieties? –
: Any advice to pass onto new budding entrepreners? –
: Anything you want to add? –

Groovy, that ought to cover it. And when you do submit your startup, it’d be killer if you could provide a logo that we could throw up and if you have a video or any other media, well… you can submit that as well.

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