Musings from Kenneth Morse of 3Com, MIT, and ESADE


“Entrepreneurship is like porn, it’s hard to describe but you know it when you see it.” is what came out of the mouth of Kenneth Morse – co-founder of 3Com and former Managing Director of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center at the ESADE Forum in Barcelona yesterday, where he is currently teaching and I must say it was a welcome and fresh experience.

The sad truth is that Entrepreneurship in Europe as well as the methodology behind investing and the general mindset lags behind the US not just by a few years, but at what seems at time by decades which is one of the reasons that the team behind this site, 1/2 American, and 1/2 British decided to put it together.

But instead of blabbering on about the European scene, let’s have fun this Friday and convery some of the more exciting, and even funny things that Ken mentioned during his

1. First is first. A line of bull and a power point presentation is no longer enough

DAD > MBBB (Down And Dirty > McK, BCG, Bain & Booz)

2. What are the characteristics of an Entrepreneur?

Integrity, leadership, impatience, quick clock speed, modest ego, willingness to be different, pragmatism, no petty jealousies, drive to solve problems.

3. Five Additional Quotes from Ken Morse

“Don’t Let a good recession go to waste.”
“Sales is the difference between an average company and a great one”
“It’s character building to have one foot in bankruptcy and the other on a banana peel.”
“The ph of an entrepreneur is 1-2 standard deviations from the norm.”
“Engineers need to understand that sales people are not a lower life forms.”

And that’s that for today.

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