Technology Startup Incubator Deadlines

Fist there was Y Combinator, then there were copies and similar style initiatives that popped up all over the world, were they micro investments, business and tech incubators, business accelerators, hand holding initiatives for the business non-savvy, what have you. And with the multitude of them out there, it’s hard to keep a track of when and where all the deadlines are.

Jüri Kaljundi an Estonian blogger, technology and internet entrepreneur recently put together a list of the upcoming deadlines for these initiatives, and seeing as we’re here to help the entrepreneurship community at large as well, we figured we’d spread the love, you can find the original post here.

Technology Startup Incubator Deadlines Spring(ish) 2010

NYC Seedstart (New York City, USA): February 28

The Openfund (Athens, Greece): February 28

i/o ventures (San Francisco, CA, USA): March 1

SproutBox (Bloomington, IN, USA), March 1

Y Combinator Summer 2010 program (Mountain View, CA, USA): March 3

Morpheus (India): March 10

Startl (Philadelphia, PA, USA): March 15

Techstars Boulder (Boulder, CO, USA): March 22

DreamIt Ventures (Philadelphia, PA, USA): March 22

Betaspring (Providence, RI, USA): March 22

Tetuan Valley (Madrid & Barcelona, Spain): March 23

The Founder Institute (San Diego, CA, USA): March 26

Capital Factory (Austin, TX, USA): April 2

NextStart (Greenville, SC, USA): April 5

Seed Rocket (Barcelona, Spain): April 5

AlphaLab (Pittsburgh, PA, USA): April 8

Shotput Ventures (Atlanta, GA, USA): April 10

Startup Bootcamp (Copenhagen, Denmark): April 30

Bootup Labs (Vancouver, BC, Canada) May 1st Intake (Deadline Not Announced)

LaunchBox (Washington, DC, USA): May 31

Techstars Seattle (Seattle, WA, USA): June 1st

And if you know of any others please add them in the comments section and we’ll update this list accordingly. Thanks.

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