Engaging your users, a key to success


While ideas as far as ideas go are great just by themselves, they don’t help you generate revenues. What really makes an online blog / enterprise valuable is the user engagement. Users of your site / product / what have you need to have something to do, spend time on your site, and need to come back there for more.

How do you do this? Give them something they want – first and foremost content, that is relevant, well written and interesting. Second – a value proposition. In today’s marketplace there are hundreds if not thousands of competitors to your product – so the question is, what makes you stand out from the rest of them, what value do you give the user that all the other guys out there don’t. And in the event that you’re one of the lucky ones out there to have a product that fills a niche and doesn’t have any competitors, ensure that the relevance, engagement and value proposition are still there in the event of new entrants, and more so – user retention.

But what about SEO and seed traffic, and consultants, after all there is an entire industry out there surrounding it. Yes, it is important, being on Page 1 of searches is extraordinarily important, especially on your Google’s, Yahoo!’s MSN’s – most users will hardly ever head down to page two, and less so page three, four, aUser Engagementnd so forth. But again, when you come down to SEO, content is king, if you’re writing an article on travel in Namibia, make sure to put into the article valuable keywords that people will search for, for example, Adventure, Naukluft, Swakopmund, Etosha, Safari, and so on, these keywords, will then come from within the article, within the content, and in conjunction with tags, and the topic of your site should make you shoot up the search rankings – meaning more visits to your site. It may seem obvious but you’d be surprised

But how do you know what keywords people search for?  Doesn’t matter really, it’s about the content which you’re writing about. If you write about politics, politics related keywords, business, then business, pick a topic and stick with it, be consistent. But know that certain searches / terms / keywords will generate you more capital than others, these can be researched.

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