Apple’s Guidelines to Product Innovation

Apple’s Guidelines to Product Innovation

Back in 2018 I was presenting to the Chief Marketing Officer of Fujitsu on my human centered design innovation process. It worked great for digital products and MVPs but somehow it wasn’t landing. At about the halfway point of the presentation, the CMO asked a straightforward question. “How do I create the next iPhone?” I had no idea. What happened next was a series of questions that I believe led me to unearth at least a portion of Apple’s product innovation guidelines. If I’m right let me know, if I’m wrong, also let me know.

It all started with this:


VIDEO Series: Steve Jobs Commencement Speech

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if you’re a Mac or a PC, the truth is that Steve Jobs is a visionary and widely recognized innovator, and in this edition of the Video Series, we present you with the 2005 Stanford University commencement speech by Steve Jobs.

But aside from just the CEO of Apple talking about OS X, or the iPhone, he talks about his life, and what made him the entrepreneur and innovator he is today.

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