Europe’s Top 10 Entrepreneurially Friendly Cities


ECER along with Banque Populaire have released a list of the top European cities to start conducting a business in. The study itself is based on a dual measure of the importance and satisfaction expressed by entrepreneurs regarding the range of territorial provision available to them and looks at both the importance of the city, and the satisfaction gained from conducting business there. The process involved asking nearly 2400 entrepreneurs a series of 36 questions, in 37 major European cities, 19 countries and 14 languages.

Out of the top 10, four cities were in Scandinavia, and 3 of these in the top five. Germany also saw four cities in the top 10, with the other two spots going to Austria and Poland.

The bottom of the list saw UK then Southern European cities taking up the bottom spots along with Paris, however the Southern Europe has made some serious gains within the past years, especially Spain, and Portugal.

As for the top ten in 2009, they are as follows. 1. Helsinki 2. Stockholm 3. Munich 4. Malmo 5. Hamburg 6. Cologne 7. Frankfurt 8. Vienna 9. Gothenburg 10. Warsaw

ECER has also begun to study and rank European countries based on the most success in entrepreneurial satisfaction.

The top ten countries were as follows. 1. Finland 2. Sweden 3. Germany 4. Austria 5. Poland 6. Lithuania 7. Portugal 8. Czech Republic 9. Spain 10. Belgium.

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