This deck was put together after years of seeing these things, putting these things together, and having garnered from it some personal success, i.e. getting funded. It also built off of a few decks that were passed to me by VC friends. Unfortunately, I’m not at liberty to say who the companies were, but rest assured they’ve been in more Tech-Publications than you and I.

Since this deck was published a lot has changed. The article and deck should be taken for what they are, something that may have worked in the past.

– 2019 Update

This deck, along with all decks you should write, is put together in such a way as to convey the most value to the target audience, in this case, the VC. It focuses on 1. Understanding your product, 2. Showing value in your product / how it solves a problem, 3. Demonstrating team + market knowledge 4. Showing a good investment by demonstrating IRR. For elevator pitches, be sure to check out our guide to mastering the elevator pitch.

By all means feel free to use this, download, edit and share. I’ll keep working on making this investment deck more complete, as I believe a lot of entrepreneurs waste hours on trying to figure out what should go in, and don’t demonstrate value, and at the same time, send tons of crap to VC’s who typically, just bin it.

VC Pitch Deck Template Leave Behind

Venture Capital Investment Pitch Deck Template – Leave Behind from Jacek Grębski* Note: There seems to be some misconception regarding this deck, this is NOT what you get up to pitch, this is NOT your 3 minutes top spiel. This IS what you leave behind after your spiel is over and done with, this IS in effect your business plan, created and communicated in a much more astute way than an 80-page document which no one in their right minds has the time or desire to read. 

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