We are currently living in some of the if not the most exciting times of humanity. In comparison with previous decades wars are fewer, globalization is increasing communication among all off us us irrelevant of where we are living. Technology is encroaching into, or has already encroached into every tiny little aspect of our lives, sometimes we forget about it, it’s natural we’re living, but for many of us in our 30’s and older, welcome to the future. Did you imagine that we’d have iPhones, Blackberrys, eBook Readers etc… by 2010? I for one always thought we’d have hover boards by now, but aside from my disappointment, it seems that Back to the Future II wasn’t factually accurate.

This video shows how the world is changing and where we’re heading, and how technology is changing the face of our planet.

The More you know 4.0 by Xplane

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